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This blog is where my recipes live. By reading it you will gather the following:

I am a (recovering) interior designer, and apply the same principles of simplicity, logic and style to the meals I design using the freshest seasonal produce.

I unashamedly and obsessively collect cookbooks, kitchen utensils, serving dishes, cake plates and actually anything at all culinary related.

I love gatherings, not parties.

I thrive on sharing my love of food – I run classes, consult and enjoy any conversation about ANYONE’S meal prep.  And I feed as many people as my kitchen will allow.

My goal is to make meals fun, inclusive, beautiful, inviting and achievable with any level of culinary skill

I live with a lot of boys (husband + 4)

This is me. I would love to hear all about your meals, gatherings and best kitchen secrets. Email me hanna@buildingfeasts.com

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