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This blog is where Building Feasts lives. By reading it you will gather the following:

I'm Hanna, an interior designer who applies my core principles of simplicity, logic and style to the recipes I write and the meals we create for everyday life.

I obsessively collect cookbooks, kitchen utensils, serving dishes, cake plates - anything culinary related.

Jeremy is a talented photographer, artist and excellent cook. We met a number of years ago around a friend’s table and immediately realised that we share a passion for food, design, art and everything of creative beauty.    

Jeremy taught me some basic principles of looking through a lens and from there our creative collaborative partnership was born. Together we write, photograph, teach, cook, create and Build Feasts.

We love gatherings. 

Here you will find ideas of how to make food inclusive, beautiful, inviting, achievable and most importantly fun with any level of culinary skill, using the freshest seasonal produce. 

We thrive on sharing our love of food through the recipes on this blog, cooking classes and supper clubs at my home, as well as a definitive guide to all the tools and tips you need to create delicious and colourful feasts.

We would love to hear all about your meals, gatherings and best kitchen secrets.  

Come join our party.  

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