BF Bites - February Roundup

Nesting Kitchen Essential -Rosti Bowls

These design classics were my first and best ever set of stacking bowls, pilfered from my grandmothers kitchen while her back was turned.  They are the perfect mixing bowl and good looking enough to serve from at the table, making them doubly useful and a whole few notches higher on the aesthetic rating than a simple glass pyrex. The best bit?  They now come with lids so no more fighting with cling film when you put the leftovers in the fridge.

Plant Pot of Dreams -Boskke Planter


I am lucky enough to have the perfect kitchen windowsill for orchids.  When we moved into our house four years ago, I was gifted these very beautiful plants, and one of these Boskke planters.  The Boskke pots are the perfect orchid receptacle as they hold a shallow amount of water at the bottom, just enough for the orchids to feed, and allow light to the roots. Obviously they also appeal to my no.1 homeware rule of “simple and useful”.  Maybe it is the light that streams in through the kitchen window, or maybe it is the pot, but these orchids flower beautifully multiple times a year.  Needless to say I have since acquired a few more pots, and given many away as gifts.

Cookbook of the Month - The Hang Fire Cookbook


It may only be February, but I am already back to using my Big Green Egg.  While preparing for full blown BBQ season, I am pouring through this book and ferociously marking all the new recipes I want to experiment with outside.  Samantha Evans and Shauna Guinn quit their day jobs, traveled around America learning from the greats and have shared some inspirational ideas for outdoor cooking.

Top of my Podcast List -Bon Appetit Foodcast

Adam Rapoport is my favourite food editor of the moment.  His opener for every edition of Bon Appetit is always spot on, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the dedicated Bon Appetit podcast, or as they refer to it, foodcast, earlier this year.  Always interesting, often funny, every episode imparts at least one nugget of culinary genius that will raise your cooking game.  Even if you only love to eat, add it to your weekly downloads.

Skin Saviour -Caudalie Purifying Mud Mask


It is always a blessing to be surrounded by friends in the know.  So when I found myself suffering from adult acne on my chin at the ripe age of almost 42, I was lucky enough to be able to call on the beauty genius of my friend, neighbour, first ever cooking student and general inspiration for Building Feasts, Jessica Diner.  She suggested I use this mask.  And as with every recommendation she makes, it worked a treat.  Teenage skin no more.  At least for now….