BF Bites June Roundup

The Dusty Knuckle Bakery

This year I found bread heaven in an old shipping container at the end of an alley in East London. Yes, a shipping container. Beautified with flowers and a dream logo, The Dusty Knuckle Bakery  arguably produces some of the best bread in London:  delicious focaccia, tangy sourdough with an enviable crust,the most delicious potato bread and outstanding caramelised apple pastries. I admit that I have traveled across town just to buy their goods. While I am thrilled that the Dusty Knuckle is moving to larger premises to expand operations I will miss the shipping container garden bringing colour to an otherwise grey corner of London.

Harrington and Squires

I have an entire (rather large) drawer dedicated to greetings cards. Some I just keep to remind me of a place or a time or because the quote on the front resonates, and others are there just waiting for that special someone’s birthday or celebration. I have recently discovered that there is an even bigger thrill in seeing stationery printed in the flesh, and best of all, designing your own. Through our Supper Clubs I have been introduced to the wonderful Harrington and Squires. The 1.2m wide perfectly designed shop/studio/teaching space over three floors produces hand letterpressed greetings cards, invitations, calendars, books, stationery……the list goes on. And the best bit? The workshops.. Harrington and Squires are the secret behind our beautiful menus, designed by Jeremy and printed with Chrissie and Vicky in their shop. Check them out. The perfect excuse for more stationery.

The Perfect Scoop


Last month I talked about my ice cream maker. This month I am revealing my secret weapon behind the gallons of ice cream I produce all summer long. David Lebovitz, ex Chez Panisse pastry chef, and godfather of the food blogging world is, among many things, an ice cream maven. And has written what I consider to be the best and ultimate ice cream book. If you only ever own one ice cream book, this is the one.

Rude Health Smoothie Oats


Smoothies became a breakfast staple about 8 years ago when my friend Kim introduced me to beauty of the all in one breakfast. Little did she know that she would be changing my life and bringing great ease to my mornings of breakfast chaos. You see, no one in my house really likes the same thing pre 9am and the role of short order cook is definitely not in my remit. Smoothies for breakfast provide a perfect solution. They are quick, make no mess, and can be packed full of goodness while maintaining the required level of sweet to satiate the younger palates. And these Smoothie Oats are simply jumbo oats, milled thinly enough so that they dissolve when added to smoothies, providing all the nutritional goodness with none of the porridge stirring or hot cereal rejection. And it gives me great comfort to think we all start the day on the right track. Even if it all goes down hill after breakfast.