BF Bites March Roundup
photos Jeremy Coleman

photos Jeremy Coleman

My Best Discovery - The Flower Appreciation Society

I first met Anna and Ellie when, by a stroke of genius, we celebrated a friends milestone birthday at one of their fabulous flower arranging classes.  “Not your average florists” could not be a more apt tag line as their beautiful and naturally unfussy creations look like they have just been picked from the garden (and in the summer months some of them are from their very own London plot).  So there was no other place to turn when we threw a series of celebrations for the first of the four Goldsmith Bar Mitzvah’s this month.  Family and friends traveled from literally all four corners of the earth to be here with us, and naturally we threw a few parties.  With lots of food.  And the flowers made the room.  Now that the festivities are over I am going back for another class to try to hone my skills………

Oven to Tableware of Dreams - Mud Australia


Continually on the search for the ultimate oven to table ware, I think my task is done.  Exquisitely coloured fine porcelain, delicate in appearance, yet sturdy in use, my growing collection of pieces are some of my most used items in the kitchen.  From roasting chickens, to baking fish, to crumble, roast veg, and simply for serving salads, vases, little bowls for dips……..I could go on.  The good news is if you only have the chance to own one piece of Mud Australia porcelain in your life, it will bring joy.  But be warned, it is addictive........

Cookbook of the Month - Mamma: Reflections on the Food that Makes Us


Sometimes you come across the book that you wish you could write yourself.  Mina Holland’s ode to the food that we eat as a representation of who we are is not a cookbook in the traditional sense, but a collection of anecdotes, stories and interviews smattered with recipes.  Mamma is a beautiful and inspiring read for anyone interested food and what drives us to eat and cook.  Nostalgic, wonderfully written and brilliantly themed chapters, this book is a must have for the cook or the eater.  And as a bonus, it made the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Seasonal Treat - Ramps


Spring has sprung in London, and I am a little spoiled for choice for new season produce.  Ramps, otherwise known as wild garlic, are being foraged by foodies everywhere at the moment.  I, however am not ashamed to admit that I buy mine at the farmers market.  This time last year when I posted a picture of my market bounty, I was berated on line for not picking my own. As I am very much tied to polluted Central London these days, you can be sure that I am content in my decision not to be foraging.  To those die hard foragers, I would rather eat ramps collected by others than forego my favourite frittata with crumbled goats cheese on top or sautéd with mushrooms and smothered on sourdough toast and parmesan.  Get your hand on them any way you can.  They are only around for a few weeks.