hi, I’m Hanna and welcome to my kitchen escapades.

Join me for some delectable treats, stories, adventures, laughter, discovery and most of all fun.

I cook, write recipes, host classes, supper clubs, pop up’s and events in conversation with interesting people in the world of food and design.  Mostly, I thrive on sharing my love of food and opening up my home to share meals with others. It’s around the table that all the best stories are told over a plate of something delicious.

Here you will find my ideas for making food inclusive, beautiful, inviting, achievable and most importantly fun with any level of culinary skill, using the freshest seasonal produce. 

This blog is not only a narrative on what I’m cooking, its my definitive and ever evolving guide to all the tools, tips and all the kitchen secrets you need to create delicious and colourful feasts for as few as one and as many as your space can hold.

A self confessed obsessive collector of anything culinary related, you will find my shelves and cupboards stacked with cookbooks, kitchen utensils, cake tins, odd plates from my travels and other peoples discarded kitchen treasures. Inspired by my travels and other people’s stories and heritage, I never return home without recipes to try, new ingredients and a plate or two to put it on.

I’m excited about inspiring you to enjoy your own gatherings and sharing food with those you love.

I would love to hear all about your meals, gatherings, food adventures and best kitchen secrets.  

Come join my party.  

Email me at info@buildingfeasts.com

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