BF Bites May Roundup

May was a little bit of an insane month, and I just realised that while I have a backlog of recipes ready to post, I have not managed to put ...

May was a little bit of an insane month, and I just realised that while I have a backlog of recipes ready to post, I have not managed to put even one of them up.  Rest assured, they are coming, but in the meantime, here are my current favourites:

Soom Tahini

There are many aspects of the digital age that clearly make our lives easier than the generation before us. Without a shadow of a doubt ecommerce is top of that list. I mean, I never ever really have to leave my house, even for the odd local item. I can get JUST ABOUT ANYTHING FROM ANYWHERE delivered straight to my door in record time. Including this tahini. Which happens to be American, from Philadelphia in fact. And I agree with Michael Solomonov (of Zahav fame) that this rivals the best of the traditional Middle Eastern varieties available at my local specialty shops. So much so that regular shipments from Amazon arrive on my doorstep, allowing me to whisk up our most loved tahini sauce to accompany just about anything we eat.

Candy is Magic

I try to lead a healthy, balanced life. Which means sometimes starting my day with smoothies, green juices, overnight oats or seed clusters. Followed by a healthy dose of sugar from about 4pm onwards. See? Balanced. This book has upped my candy game. We now have a constant supply of caramels available for afternoon and evening noshing, and I am about to move on to marshmallows for summer smores madness. If you have a sweet tooth, or if you like to give home made treats as gifts, this book is a must. Jami Curl demystifies any fear of sugar or sweet making with her simple steps, explanations and visual aids. Some of the recipes even include fresh fruit. Winner winner.

The Cloth Shop

Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I am happy to share secrets. In fact I love to share. Recipes, jokes, books, but most of all those little gems that I find on my travels – the solutions to all your needs (even the ones you did not know you needed). So here is today’s little nugget of knowledge for anyone who is not already in the know. The Cloth Shop at the top of Portobello Road (near enough to be dangerous, but far enough that I don’t bother walking there) is a treasure trove of fabric heaven. 18 colours of reasonably priced extra wide linen (ideal for full length curtains or table cloths), vintage cloths and fabrics, jars, blankets, rugs old and new, tea towels, cushions, jars and bottles, ribbon……you name it, they have what you are looking for. Be warned. It is dangerous. But the solution to all your home styling “needs”……..

Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker

Something happens to me as soon the heating in the house gets turned off for the season. I become ice cream obsessed. Each year there is a flavour of choice that I deem to perfect (this year it’s halva) and I churn away leaving my freezer stocked with ice creams and sorbets for any occasion or event. Baking decreases dramatically, and my grandmother’s special bowls and spoons for just this occasion get a regular airing.  All this ice cream is a result of the genius ice cream maker attachment to my KitchenAid – my most loved kitchen appliance next to my Vitamix.  If you are lucky enough to have a KitchenAid this maker attachment is a must.  If you don’t, invest in small ice cream maker.  Nothing beats a home churn.