It’s Thanksgiving Time……

I'm looking forward to a big week in the kitchen. Over the next 6 days I will celebrate Thanksgiving x 3, with a class on Tuesday, a very special Friendsgiving on Thursday and my family celebration on Friday (where Thanksgiving and Friday Night Dinner collide).

Despite this holiday being one of my all time favourites to cook, it seems very remiss of me that I haven’t shared a menu for a while with you. Here I am to rectify the situation pronto. Plus, I have some really fabulous new recipes this year that will take centre stage at my table and hopefully on yours too.

Thanksgiving gives me the chance to make and re-invent my nostalgic favourites. I’m not guided by any religious heritage and traditions. And since I’m essentially an ex-pat hosting in a county who has not affiliation with the festivities, I feel the full creative freedom of seasonal, fun and exercise my own take on purely joyful dishes.

My piece de resistance for this year is definitely the Chocolate Pecan Pie, my latest recipe in our Pump Street at Home series. The original, cloyingly sweet very Souther version appeared for years on the Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet, but it’s been turned on its head with less sweet, more and darker chocolate and the magical addition of Maple Roast Pecans. These nuggets of buttery crunchy goodness will appear with drinks, on my salads and in my tart this year. They are that good….

For anyone not celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you will be inspired to use this very transferrable menu to Christmas or any other Wintery feast.

I’ve received a number of questions and requests for holiday cooking tips this year. Next year there will be a holiday hotline, but for now, here’s what I’m making. And I promise to answer as many questions as possible in the meantime.

Fig Negroni because everyone needs a welcome drink

Roast Maple Pecans something to nibble alongside their tipple

Gravadlax with a Sauce the perfect nibble food, and then just serve any shop bought dips and crackers you like – no one needs to be a hero here

Nigella’s Turkey from Feast. Ive been making it this way since her book released in 2004. That says everything………

Roasted Squash and Radicchio Salad a cross between a warm salad and a side this brings colour and joy to the table

Quick Roasted Brussels also can be served at room temp, and bright and fresh and zesty

Golden Roasties essentials

This Stuffing but I’m going to add a grated apple, chestnuts and sour cherries, just because…..

Winter Slaw because its happy sitting around for a while, can take any variety of dressings and is the desired crunch against the soft sweetness of everything else Thanksgiving

Cranberry Sauce a staple and pure joy

Chocolate Pecan Tart this year’s festive gift……..

Pear & Cranberry Cornmeal Cobbler because I love the cornmeal addition here

To all those celebrating, I hope this year is filled with love and thanks and we can collectively bring some peace to this world. I can’t wait to see how you celebrate. And keep your eyes open for more entertaining tips and tricks for the season of lights and sparkles, plus a little home made gift guide.

Happy fasting and thanks to all of you who keep following along here for the ride xxx