Confit Shallots

15 November 2016 Dairy Free Gluten Free Vegetarian Friendly
Along with confit garlic these are a staple in my fridge. I use them in dressings, mixed into cooked grains or lentils, or tossed with steamed or roasted vegetables, and as a flavour base for just about everything.

The oil from the shallots is sublime and I often use it to rub on chicken before it is cooked. The oil should never be wasted – use it on everything from sauteing vegetables, bases for dressings or marinades, even frying eggs!

Confit Shallots

  • 8-10 banana shallots peeled and sliced into rounds
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 400ml olive oil (approx depending on your dish)
  • Place shallots in a small pan
  • Add the bay leaves and cover with oil. The shallots need to be completely submerged, so the oil quantity is really a guide.
  • Simmer on a low heat for 45 minutes until the shallots are lightly golden and soft.
  • Transfer confit shallots and oil to a clean jar and refrigerate once cooled. Keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge

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