Mezcal (almost) Marg

Serves 1 21 June 2023 Dairy Free
Here’s a little something special to celebrate the beginning of Summer and an extra treat for the Bank Holiday. Enjoy this Mezcal Marg as your coals heat up in your grill, as you welcome friends through your door or just as a little special treat as you put your feet up and toast the sunshine.

I like to make a big jug of this bastardised Margarita to have on hand for a gathering. Scale up as you wish (as you can see here I made a generous batch). And don’t forget the ice. I love a smokey Mezcal (which is what I used here), but feel free to use your favourite Tequila, and don’t be shy about switching up your citrus for variety.

I love welcoming Summer with you all. Here’s to a new season and the next few months of celebrating long days of sunlight together.

I must beg forgiveness from my adored and hugely talented mixologist friends here. I value, respect and love you.  But at home, I break all the rules. I don’t use a shaker, I don’t always strain my juice and basically I’m a cocktail heathen. But I think the drinks are still pretty good enough. So…..

Scaling up this recipe makes a perfect make-ahead drink for a crowd. In the pictures here and the video I am making a large batch for 8 people (ie.8 times the recipe below). If you are only making a drink for yourself and maybe one other, you are welcome to shake it in your cocktail shaker with ice and then pour over some fresh ice.  Or just add the ingredients to a glass, give it a good stir before adding a few big cubes.

I like to juice my own citrus…..I know its where all the bougie comes into play. But it makes a difference if you have the inclination.

A note on ice and cocktails: I try to use the largest cubes available here so that the drink stays colder for longer without diluting. It’s worth it.

Makes 1 drink.  Scale up for as many as you need for a pitcher for a crowd

Mezcal (almost) Marg

  • 50ml Mezcal (or Tequila)
  • 12.5ml sugar syrup
  • 12.5ml lime juice
  • 50ml fresh grapefruit juice
  • salt & Aleppo pepper or mild chili flakes for the glass rim

Mix everything together in a shaker, glass or a jug depending on how many drinks you are making at once.

Place a handful of salt and some Aleppo or chili of choice on a small plate. Rim the glass with a squeeze of lime around the edge and turn it around on the plate for the salty spicy edge. (I have been known to skip this step on lazier days).

Make sure you serve this cold over large ice cubes.  Toast, sip and enjoy.

Have you made this dish?

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