Yoghurt Pickle Dressing

6 February 2024 Gluten Free Vegetarian Friendly
I live in a house where I more often than I care to admit discover one or two bites at the bottom of a large container.

My intuition tells me that a teenage boy would rather put it back in the fridge than finish the said item and either clean or dispose of the receptacle…….but either way I am left with a couple of fairly useless bites, which does not bode well with an intense dislike of waste.

So, my yoghurt for breakfast (often, thanks to a midnight snack a full portion was often no longer available) was replaced as a lunchtime dressing staple, to dress my fridge forage work from home bowls of joy.

Yoghurt dressings are an extension of the well known plate schmear, AKA the vegetable accessory of the decade. But rather than being relegated to underneath the hero ingredients of a dish, I want the dairy poured all over the goods. Preferably with a hit of pickle juice, my other love and pure liquid gold when it comes to adding acid to dressings.

So here we have it, the waste nothing sauce of dreams. No recipe necessary, simply a proportion of 2 parts yoghurt, 1 part pickle juice, whisk and pour.

Have you made this dish?

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