Elderflower Negroni

20 December 2023 Dairy Free Gluten Free Vegetarian Friendly
I have a long love story with a Negroni.  It also happens to be the easiest chic cocktail to make at home, with the added bonus of being a perfect batch made drink for a party.  

This version is another from my friend and incredibly talented Mixologist, Daniele Ziaco with the luscious addition of a little Saint Germain for elderflower tang.  

Rules on ice and cocktails apply here: Ice really does make a difference. Try to use the biggest cubes available and always add more at the end after mixing – the colder the drink, the better it tastes and counter intuitively, more  big ice cubes keeps the temperature lower for longer, slowing the melting and any diluting.


Elderflower Negroni

  • 25ml gin
  • 25ml Campari
  • 25ml Red Vermouth (I like Antico)
  • 10ml St Germain 
  • 1 edible flower  and 1 orange wedge for garnish

Combine everything together and give it a stir. 

Serve over ice and garnish

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